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Dear CTEOL Friends, 

As most of you know, this past year, the CTEOL Executive Board made the decision, which was voted on and approved by the full Board of Directors, that the Connecticut Coalition to Improve End-of-Life Care had achieved it major mission in the state of CT and would be terminating as an organization. While this is a bittersweet moment in CTEOL’s history, it is rewarding to look back at our many accomplishments and see where our efforts have made a difference in the lives of those suffering from life-limiting illness since its inception in 1998. The pandemic made it difficult to support our organization's mission in the usual manner, but that time also allowed us to reflect on the purpose of the organization. Having reviewed our priorities and resources throughout the state, we are pleased to report that there are numerous organizations throughout CT that are well positioned to carry forward the original mission of improving end-of-life care. 

The button below will list a variety of resources related to end-of-life care. Please reach out to these valued partners if you should have a question or need assistance.  


The Connecticut Coalition to Improve End-of-Life Care 




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